MissMalini Bollywood Goodies: Win Ferrari Ki Sawaari Movie Merchandise!

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Unfortunately, we can’t give out Ferraris, but what we can give out is super-cool Ferrari Ki Sawaari movie merchandise courtesy Tanaaz Bhatia and Bottomline Media! Ready, set, go! :)

Ferrari Ki Sawaari
Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Q: Who would you want to accompany you on your Ferrari ki sawaari, and why? Please post your answer in the comments below (also specify your city).

Ferrari Ki Sawaari tells the story of a man who borrows a red Ferrari and embarks upon one of the craziest rides of his life. So we have to ask you – if you got to borrow a Ferrari for an hour, who would you take along with you for the ride? Let us know and you could win some of this awesome movie merch!

Big thanks to the folks over at Bottomline Media for the goodies, now come on and get yours! :)

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