MissMalini Contest: Win a Cool Hand-Painted Bollywood Signboard & Key Hanger!

Rashmi Daryanani
Bollywood Signboards
Bollywood Signboards

To win, just post your favorite Bollywood dialogue in the comments below! (Mention your city please.)

Okay, how cool is this?! It’s the diehard Bollywood geek in me, but I just love this and feel like I want one now! This group Indian Hippy custom-makes and hand-paints Bollywood merch like posters, wallets etc. They’re now launching this range of signboards which feature twists on classic Bollywood lines, how cool, right? I really like their posters too, have a look! And win one yourself :)
Psst! You can pick from any of the signboards below if you win :) xoxo

Indian Hippy Signboards

Thanks to digital printing, hand-painting posters and signboards became obsolete; the organization therefore works with the very few remaining Bollywood poster artists in India to resurrect this art form.

Indian Hippy poster

I have to say I love it, there is just something so appealing in those classic hand-painted posters.

Indian Hippy poster

They claim to do almost any poster, especially from the 70s, 80s, 90s; so next time you’re thinking of a unique gift to give someone, I think this is it. And in case you’re thinking of gifting me something – *hint hint nudge nudge* – this would be my poster of choice:

Indian Hippy poster

You better believe that I’d keep Shahid‘s face on there and just ask them to paint in mine. *lol*

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