MissMalini's World Season 2 Mad Mail! (The Best Letters/Questions Win Prizes Every Week!)

MissMalini , 22 Jun 2015

MM Mail

Guys! I’m SOOOOOooooooo excited MissMalini‘s World Season 2 is here. YAY! (We’ve already started shooting and it’s going to be EPIC.) Now to make TLC India #MMWorld2 even more special for you, we’re adding a new section where you get to send in your questions/comments/letters for anyone on Team MissMalini​ and ask ANYTHING your little heart wants to know! We’ll pick a few each week to read out loud and answer ON the show :)

Also please be prepared for some hilarious Bollywood v/s Hollywood opinions in the mix and a special appearance by none other than Nowshad & Mike as your friendly (well, mostly) neighbourhood mailmen!

(YES, you can also write in to ask a question about your favourite celebrities, clarify rumours and report your own gossip!)


Great, so how do you send us your letters?

1. Simple, leave us a comment below and we’ll pick from there! You can also tweet, Facebook, Instagram etc with the hashtag #MMWorld2 and tag @MissMalini.

2. If you’re old school and want to send us snail mail (which we’d LOVE) write to: MissMalini’s Mail, Top Floor, Amardeep Top Floor, North 17th Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054


3. If you’re too shy to share your question in public, just write to [email protected] with the subject line “MissMalini’s Mad Mail”


We can’t wait to hear from you so get typing! And like I said, our favourite questions/letters WILL win awesome prizes every week! So hurry :) the letters that make it to episode 1 will ALL get goodies!

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