Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange – Mumbai, I <3 You!

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Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project
Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project


It would be nearly impossible for me to capture everything I love about Mumbai for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project all in one blog. (I mean I’ve been doing this for two years and I’m still nowhere near done!) So here’s what I did instead; I asked the awesome peeps I have been traveling with to pick their favorite pictures of Mumbai by night (or day) and describe the city in just three words. Besides we already know that Mumbai nightlife rocks right? :) More pix of Mumbai Nightlife here.
Psst! For some first-time visitors Mumbai can be quite overwhelming, but I have to give it up for this incredible crew of creative minds for taking the honking, Delhi-belly, never-ending sea of people, heat, smells sights and sounds in their stride and rocking it up with me for three nights to discover Mumbai my way, I miss you already <3 xoxo

(photo courtesy: Addie Chinn)

Addie Chinn from the UK is a the Arts & Culture Editor for London’s leading cultural e-magazine Apart from his charming sense of style, new-found love for paneer and infectious enthusiasm, I totally loved the wireless flash action on his Lumix, tres chic.
Twitter: @UrbanJunkies

(photo courtesy: Niall Byrne)

Niall Byrne from Ireland writes a music blog at and has become an influential force on the Irish music scene. In Bangkok I discovered his love for all kinds of music (including Daler Mehendi’s Tunak Tunka Tun!) #Awesome.
Twitter: @nialler9

Darragh Doyle from Ireland is an interviewer, blogger, twitterer, communications manager for boards, online trainer, website owner and like he says “uses the internet to help people find out about things” at He stole one of his girlfriends stuffed toys and diligently photographed it on his travels which I think is simply adorable.
Twitter: @darraghdoyle

(photo courtesy: Michelle Wilding)

Michelle Wilding from Australia is a freelance journalist for and recently started her own personal blog She came with a fascination for seeing cows roam the city streets and left having shared her coke with one of the monkey’s at The Elephanta Caves :)
Twitter: @ohmishy

Junior WM (aka Dr. Drinks) from Brazil oversees the online men’s lifestyle magazine On this trip I discovered that he is a Buddhist, Mixologist and all-round teddy bear.
Twitter: @Juniorwm

(photo courtesy: Lola Plaku)

Lola Plaku from Canada writes a blog called on entertainment, fashion and consumer products and is a music promoter too. She is also the biggest jewelery junkie I have ever met and can talk faster than I can think! As she would say ‘that is sick!” as in very very cool.
Twitter: @iluvlola

Nick Stevenson
from the UK is the Associate Editor for, the World’s Biggest Dance Music and Clubbing Magazine. I discovered at the Ghetto that he is also a pool shark and just pretty damn cute!
crazy friendly majestic
Twitter: @MixMag

(photo courtesy: Bobby Six)

Bobby Six (aka Robert Townsend) from Australia/UK writes for a number of publications across Australia and England and shares news, reviews, interviews and opinions on his blog Bobby is also tall, shy, sensitive (based on his wonderful blog about Mumbai) and has a laugh that lights up his face :)

Twitter: @Bobbysix

(photo courtesy: Doug Levy)

Doug Levy from The USA is the Senior Editor for He also happens to be a rockstar in the band The GoStation with an uncanny ability to make you feel like you will surely meet again!
Twitter: @thedouglevy

The photo is of Darragh's henna tattoo. I just liked it because it showed how much he threw himself into the whole experience, and was embraced by it.

Jonny Tiernan from the UK is the Editor-in-Chief of the music magazine Alternative Ulster at I discovered while listening to retro tunes at the Hawaiian Shack that he too loves (and even DJs) old school hip hop!
Twitter: @aumagazine

(photo courtesy: Haran Ramachandran)

Becca Graham and Haran Ramachandran from the UK are both from Splendid Communications and were our unbelievably cool chaperons on this trip. Becca is gorgeous, friendly and fabulous  with the unique ability to send out perfectly coherent work emails at 8am after baby-sitting us lot till 3am and Haran is of Sri Lankan decent and a definite keeper on Team Brown :)
Twitter: @BeccaGham & @HaranR

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