WittyGift: From Adrenaline to Wellness in a Box!

MissMalini - Advertorial , 29 Nov 2010
WittyGift Boxes
WittyGift Boxes

Adrenaline and Wellness
Adrenaline and Wellness Boxes

The gorgeous Carol Gracias just told me about this awesome gift idea her charming French boyfriend Samuel Ziza has come up with. It’s called WittyGift Box and is quite simply a one-stop shop for all your gifting need for the first time in India. So instead of giving people the same old boring gifts year after year you can now gift them a completely unique, exciting and memorable experience instead! More on: www.wittygift.com

WittyGift Box Contest: Take home a Wellness or Adventure Box! Just post an idea for a gift experience in the comments below, remember it could be anything at all and let me know which box you’re playing for too! :)

WittyGift provides over 500 of the most fun-filled and thrilling experiences like massages, beauty treatments, fine art, kayaking, paragliding and even Japanese cooking classes through its themed WittyGift boxes both in Mumbai and Delhi. Available in a variety of themes like Adventure, Adrenaline, Wellness, Culture, Gourmet, Dance etc. with a price range of 999rs to 7999rs, there is a box for every occasion and budget. So you can always find a WittyGift box that’s just right for you.


Health & Wellness: Wellness Box/Wellness Premiere Box

Choice of activities include massages, manicures, pedicures, skin treatments, makeovers, art therapy, fitness, yoga etc. from AromaThai, Lakme, Birla Ayurveda Vaidyashalya, Ambika Pillai, B-Blunt, Sykz Fitness etc.

Outdoor & Recreation: Adrenaline Box/Adventure Box

Choice of activities include paragliding, rafting, paintballing, camping, star gazing, trekking, flying fox, zorbing, quad biking, sailing etc. from Natura Adventures, Wanderlust Travels, Adventure Plus etc.

Cultural: Culture Box/Culture Premiere Box

Choice of activities include salsa, ballroom, photography, film making, painting, wine tasting, multi-cuisine cooking classes, pottery, guitar, bollywood, fashion design, color exploration, belly dance, acting, ayurvedic treatments, yoga, kathak from Sandip Soparrkar, JJ Rodriguez, Yellow spiders Pottery, Nrityanidhi, Guitar Hall, Delhi Dance Academy, The Art Loft, School of Symphony, Pulse the Studio, etc.

Dance Box

Choice of Dance styles include salsa, foxtrot, belly dancing, bollywood, merengue, contemporary, hip hop, improvised kathak, cha cha cha, urban, rock and roll etc. from Sandip Soparrkar’s Ball room studio, JJ Rodriguez, Pulse-the studio, Nrityanidhi, Delhi Dance Academy etc.

Leisure: Indulgence/Indulgence for 2

Activities for 1 or 2 persons (in the Indulgence for 2 Box) including guitar lessons, dance classes, spa treatments, sailing, beauty treatments, camping, rock climbing, rafting, chocolate making, film making, fine art, etc. across a wide cross section of indulgent experiences from providers like Art Loft, Baile de Salon, West Coast Marine, X-Zone Paintball, Wanderlsut Travels, Mudd Salon & Spa, Bblunt, Palate, etc.

Coming Soon: Spa Box, Makeover Box, Luxury Box, For Him Box, For Her Box & Kids Box


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