Quote – Miss Malini API

quotes = “[{“dateTime”:”Quotes By MissMalini”,”prediction”:”If you must choose between money and passion, always choose passion and the money will follow.”,”color”:”#ff8080″},{“dateTime”:”Quotes By MissMalini”,”prediction”:”Sometimes happiness is nothing more than having something to look forward to.”,”color”:”#aaaebc”},{“dateTime”:”Quotes By MissMalini”,”prediction”:”Never say no to extra work that will teach you something new for free.”,”color”:”#aaaebc”},{“dateTime”:”Quotes By MissMalini”,”prediction”:”Teach yourself new skills, even if nobody asks you to learn them.”,”color”:”#aaaebc”},{“dateTime”:”Quotes By MissMalini”,”prediction”:”Be kind, even to your competition.”,”color”:”#aaaebc”}]”