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OMG! MissMalini is Back on 94.3 Radio One!

MissMalini, 29 Sep


missmalini, unplugged!

MissMalini, 06 Aug


@1mrankhan #pirateradio encore!

MissMalini, 05 Oct

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Emdee's Bob Dylan Special on Pirate Radio!

MissMalini, 11 Mar

Malini's World

Shahin Badar on Pirate Radio

MissMalini, 08 Mar

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missmalini gets groovy!

MissMalini, 14 Jul

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The Ugly Truth Faceoff: Boys v/s Girls!

MissMalini, 12 Jul


Kane v/s Bappi Da

MissMalini, 12 Jun

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Life with Ghanta Singh.

MissMalini, 13 Mar

Malini's World

Two Years Since 26/11

MissMalini, 26 Nov