Actor Rahil Tandon chats about his lead role in Chal Pitchchur Banate Hain

, 06 Sep 2012

He doesn’t have a godfather and neither does he come from a filmi or Bollywood background. Yet, the young and wide-eyed Delhi lad, Rahil Tandon, has landed his first lead role in Chal Pitchchur Banate Hain, which releases tomorrow in India.

Says Rahil, “I’m a good dancer and I’ve trained in various dance-forms like Bollywood, western, hiphop, salsa and jazz. I’m also very fond of theatre and started off with Bollywood Love Story, a musical from 2008 which successfully showcased all across Europe.”

In an exclusive chat with Ranjit Rodricks from Team MissMalini, Rahil tells you more about his role and why you must go and watch his debut film – Chal Pitchchur Banate Hain – when it releases tomorrow…