Asif Azim Describes Life Inside Bigg Boss 7

, 04 Dec 2013

Asif describes the super stressful life inside the Bigg Boss 7 house…

Asif Azim: I’ve been offered Bigg Boss for the last three years, but I never wanted to do it… Bigg Boss has given me a huge platform to connect with the mass people. The house was very very stressful. I wanted to be just myself like how I am outside, that was my task for myself, not to win Bigg Boss, or make controversy, or abuse people or fight with the people. I always had a motto to be positive and make them positive. At the end of the day I failed, I could not change them – 14 people. But 14 people together could not change me. I came the way I went, with respect. I was happy in Bigg Boss, now I am much more happy.

I’ve seen a lot of negativity… I told the celebrities I’m disturbed by what is happening on the roadside in our country. If you treat women like this don’t you think the kids they will follow you because they will think this is “style”? I told them not to do all this kind of negative publicity just to be on Bigg Boss long term, I also told them there is life beyond Bigg Boss and to think about that. This is not your whole life, this is just for three months, so don’t lose everything you’ve gained in your whole life just for this, but I think they forgot. They forgot everything, the feelings of the audience, the feelings of their families…

The Bigg Boss house itself was very stressful, if you are a smoker and might you ask for a cigarette they won’t send you one for 2-3 days, then you’ll get a biddi with your name on it after three days. Mentally you are very stressed out.

In the morning we never used to get food. I used to get only one apple for breakfast and a little bit of rice, some dal. We used to get just one or two kilos rice for seven days.

After some time people who had trained for reality shows, like Gauhar Khan had done 8 reality shows, she would always remember the camera is there and we have to act like that. The first 10 days it was very difficult for me to react in a certain way based on the camera. I have known Gauhar for 8 years and suddenly Kushal Tandon would come say you can’t say that, or don’t do this because the camera is there.
I told them I haven’t come here to be in a group or do politics. They used to think I’m in the other group, later they realised I’m not in a group at all.

I cook, they couldn’t deny that I have magic in my hand! Food is the one thing that would help you enjoy their heart, then they won’t vote you out!

There was only one toilet and show in the house, that would freak you out. It was very stressful. I would wake up early and stay up very late… there’s no sleep as well, they can wake you up anytime they want.