Be Stupid.

, 09 Feb 2010


Youth are like balloons. They are filled with hopes and dreams that anything is possible butIn time a single sentence begins to creep into their lives, more and more.

Dont be stupid! Its the crusher of possibilities, its the assassin of dreams, its the world great deflator. The world is full of smart people. Doing all kind of smart things with other smart people. Thats smart butWe are with stupid!

The stupid are the only ones carrying the banner of interesting.

Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret-free life.

Smart may have the brainsbut stupid has the balls.

Smart may have the plansbut stupid has the stories.

Smart may have the authoritybut stupid has one hell of a hangover.

Its not smart to take risks. Its stupid.

Smart had one good ideaand that idea was stupid.

To be stupid is to be brave, when you risk something, thats stupid.

The stupid arent afraid to fail. Why? Because theyre stupid!

We think that you are probably pretty stupid too.

Smart critiques, stupid creates. Stupid is the one ignoring chorusof donts, cants, and wonts and comes up with something wholly and completely unique. A unique way to fail perhaps, but at least its something.

The stupid are the only ones brave enough to do what no one in their right mind would do. Because the stupid know there are worse things than failurelike not even trying. The stupid, theyre all weve got. The fact is, if we didnt have stupid thoughts, wed have no interesting thoughts at all.

Be stupid.

What were talking about isnt a tag line. What were talking about is a call to arms. Stupid aint dumb, stupid is something deliciously greater. Put another way, only the stupid can be truly brilliant.

Renzo Rosso is stupid.

Stupid is motoring around in your Ford transit and visiting after shop owner after shop owner, trying to sell your brand new denim made to look worn. Its a sign of innovation. When you are already doing the things nobody even thinks about. Thats a very stupid quote. Mister Rosso. Respect.

To be stupid is damn hard work. You know the odds are against you and sometimes you will fail, and spectacularly so.

Stupid means listening to your heart versus listening to your head. Listening to your heart is hard: your heart says yes, your head says no. Your head almost always says no. The smart quickly recognize things for how they are.

The stupid see things for how they could be. You cant outsmart stupid so dont even try. Long live stupid.