Rahul Khanna's Fireflies Extended HD Trailer

, 13 Apr 2013

Fireflies is the story of two brothers — Shiv and Rana. Shiv, a successful banker, lives in the superficial glitter of corporate Bombay, while the younger brother Rana, a law school dropout, gets by restoring vintage motorcycles at a friend’s garage in the anonymous shadowy by-lanes of Bombay. Though worldly achievements and illusions briefly illuminate the brothers’ journeys, a tragedy that befell them fifteen years ago seems destined to repeat itself, just in newer incarnations. Flames suddenly extinguish again, in an eerie heartbeat… Voices and visions from the past and the magic realism of the years gone by, beckon the brothers to find the picture in the puzzle, scattered so long ago. Fireflies are the recurring theme of the film; those luminous creations that come out of the darkest of darkness, just to light up the imagination of the innocent. They live their fullest, as long as the glow lasts. Even if it is lifetime, being lived a day.

Rahul Khanna — Shiv
Arjun Mathur — Rana
Monica Dogra — Michelle
Shivani Ghai — Sharmila
Aadya Bedi — Maya