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    Hey DJ, Let the Rhythm Move You!

    Candice Pinto, Surelee Joseph and Sujal Shah

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    Candice Pinto, Surelee Joseph and Sujal Shah

    Candice Pinto, Surelee Joseph and Sujal Shah

    birthday cupcakes!

    birthday cupcakes!

    Last night I went to the Hawaiian Shack in Bandra for the super adorable Surelee Joseph’s birthday blow out courtesy BF and all-round rockstar, Sujal Shah (gotta love a boy that brings you birthday cupcakes.)
    So I haven’t been there in a while and dude, they’ve expanded! Not only are there four floors of dance floors but the rooftop looks like the abandoned boat set for “Raat Baaki” from Namak Halal (not kidding. Lol.) But by far the coolest feature is the fact that the entire DJ booth actually shuttles between floors. Yup, the DJ can elevator himself up and down at will. Wicked.
    Psst! He plays a mad hip hop set and if you’re feeling like a little retro action you can pop into the ground floor. #WIN!

    Hawiian Shack DJ Booth

    Hawiian Shack DJ Booth

    See he moved, he moved!

    See he moved, he moved!

    MissMalini and a cupcake!

    MissMalini and a cupcake!

    Apr 21 , 2010 6:44 pm


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    1. Pooja
      April 23, 2010 at 12:07 pm

      Aww.. where do i get one of those men who’ll get me cupcakes?? forget the men, give me the cupcakes!! lol! are you going to the diesel launch at palladium??

      P:S do u ever sleep???

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