10 Things You Didn’t Know About Priyanka Chopra

March 24, 2012


I was pretty psyched to be covering a Priyanka Chopra event; I really like her, but hadn’t seen her in-person yet – so was very excited when I heard she’d be unveiling Nikon‘s new range of cameras (the Nikon 1 V1 and J1). She has always seemed classy, down-to-earth and quite fun, and seeing her at the launch gave me no reason to think otherwise! Best thing is, I think I learned a lot more about Priyanka the person at this event, and of course I want to share it all with you!

Priyanka Chopra with Nikon spokespeople

1. Her favourite type of photos are those that capture moments – and she is a huge picture person.

She likes taking more natural pictures – “fun, happy, sunshine moments” (like someone laughing) rather than posed-for ones. She takes her old Nikon D90 wherever she goes – shoots, outdoors, the likes, and captures tons of photos. We sure wouldn’t mind seeing some of those candid shots, PC, wanna share? :)

2. She thinks the most photogenic actors are Rekha and Dharmendra.

Someone mentioned that she always goes back in time when answering such questions, and asked her to name some among her contemporaries. She named Katrina, Deepika (who she says has great poise) and Aishwarya.

3. The worst photograph of her was taken by her brother.

One day when she was extremely tired, her brother took a photo that featured her passed out on the couch with her mouth wide open. He hid the phone so she couldn’t delete it, and then later he even updated her desktop background to feature that photo.

Priyanka Chopra

4. She has a soft spot for her baby photos.

She says her baby photos are among her favourite because they’re taken with a lot of love and are “real moments captured in time.” Therefore, she tends to prefer them over professional ones.

5. Her favourite possession is an old suitcase filled with pictures of her family – grandfather, great grandfather etc.

She said one of her ambitions in life is to someday make a visual family tree, therefore whenever she goes back to her family home, she always tries to find old pictures and keep them. Love this idea!

6. She has a favourite pose.

According to her, she spends most of her time striking this pose in her pictures:

Priyanka Chopra’s favourite pose

7. She takes tons of photos because she wants to be able to relive moments.

Her camera goes with her everywhere, and she’s always taking shots of what’s happening behind-the-scenes, with costars, directors etc, so that one day when she’s old, she can sit with her grandkids and say: “You know, I was shooting this ad and I had so much fun!”

8. She likes her accessories to pop.

According to her, she wears really subtle clothes so she likes having a hot pink camera and phone to add some ‘pop’. Sue already told you about it here!

9. She’s a diplomat.

When asked who’s the hottest male to be captured on camera, she said Matthew Mcconaughey (it’s no secret she likes him). Of course the journo pushed to ask who’s the hottest on camera in Bollywood (we need the goss, after all), but she just said, “Then I’d have to decide who’s the hottest guy, na? And I don’t want to restrict my options right now.” The journo said, “You’re being a diplomat,” to which she immediately replied, “I’m always a diplomat.”

10. She’s a huge gadget freak.

According to her, Nikon has increased her interest in photography, and she especially likes working with them because she loves gadgets. Apparently, you can actually find her taking apart her cameras to better learn how things work!

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  • http://gmail.com guru prasad reddy

    very nice

  • http://gmail.com guru prasad reddy

    Follow any responses to this entry through

  • priya

    i absolutely hate her! Never liked her, never will. Its not her acting or anything, just her!

    • Silenthill

      Lol. Priya and Senna.

  • Senna

    10 things you should know about Priyanka Chopra.

    1. She has naturally dusky skin but she never steps outside her house without skin whitening makeup to make herself look ghostly pale.

    2. She has naturally black eyes but always wears contacts to make herself look like a foreigner.

    3. As if it were not enough that she hates her own skin and is ashamed of her Indianness she also negatively influences all her impressionable young female fans by appearing in Garnier fairness cream ads where she has been photoshopped into looking like a European.

    4. Her supposedly sexy pout is the result of collagen injections.

    5. She has had so many rhinoplasty operations that her nose changes shape every month.

    6. As if she were not fake enough already she never steps out of the house without an elaborate hairpiece or extensions. Her hair in the picture above- like everything else about her- is fake.

    7. She’s completely flat but she often wears padding around her chest to make herself look curvy as she has done in the picture above.

    8. She is a fame whore who spent all of last year shamelessly lusting and flirting SRK on national television and in magazines despite the fact that he is married, has children and is old enoufh to be her father. She runs after him like a dog and worships the ground he walks on like a slave. She has no self respect what so ever.

    9. She makes a habit out of doing married men. There was Akshay Kumar before this. Her ex-boyfriend Harman Baweja himself admitted that she had been sleeping around with Akshay Kumar.

    10. A lot of Bollywood filmmakers are tired of her crap and have ostracized her for being such a fake skank.

    • Naru Raju

      You are absolutely right! She is indeed very dark (comparable to Bipasha Basu and Chitrangada Singh) and her nose and pout are fake! Rest of all is new to me, and I think that it is absolutely correct too. Another one like her is Rani Mukherjee. Then there is Kajol also. They are not as fake, but pretend to be fair.


      Look at the difference between the color of her limbs and face!

  • San be

    Hahaha. @Senna, pulling down a woman for wearing a padded bra, makeup, hair accessories and some lenses? Lol. Double standards much :)

  • Senna

    Double standards? Certainly not. I would be critical of a man who did such a thing. And the issue here is not makeup and contact lenses. It is how she tries to look like a foreigner and endorses fairness creams and imparts her inferiority complex to young fans who look up to her. Why is she so ashamed of her natural skintone and eye colour? She should stop teaching all her fans to hate themselves and aspire to look like firangs. And wigs and chest padding are too tacky for words. I expect it of a D grade reality star not a major actress.

  • Senna

    This video applies perfectly to Priyanka and her Garnier ad. Its disgraceful that she is such a bad influence on little girls.


  • Nabeela

    Senna, regarding the Fotoshop video that you posted there, that applies to evey celebrity or anyone who has access to the software. Priyanka is not the only whose pics get edited. I like Priyanka as an actress and well about her personal life, who knows what’s REALLY true?! The media also like to sensationalize stories more than needed to get some readers on board.

  • San be

    @Senna:Incredibly extreme judgements. So, the same way a Caucasian blue-eyed woman would be racist if she wore dark brown lenses? Think twice.
    Sadly this jump-on-the-judgement-bandwagon before thinking practically makes our country look bad, really. Of course, the concept of “fair and thus lovely” is rather racist, but a little facial or even skin bleaching shouldn’t be a big deal. The entire world goes tanning, so they hate their skin tone??
    Think twice.

  • swati

    i dnt unDerstand Y u GUyzzz Hate hEr!! she’s not Fake she’s absolutely pretty!!

  • Nandita

    I feel very sad that people in India still are very judgmental about other, knowing before the fact they presumes and make criticisms, it is really shameful, by doing these we show our dirty side. Showbiz is all about show the best what one can, celebs try to look better, that is why they look different from us, all the actresses of today do such things so that they look better. She never hides her complexion, if so, she would polish or bleach her skin or could change her skin tone by surgery, why she would spend so much time on make up,lolz. And we saw her in movies and award shows showing her tummy, there we could not see any padding,lolz. And yes her pout, it is almost same how it was at the time she was Miss India, to be sure go on youtube and see..:P why I am using so many words, Truth is always truth.. @Senna you’ve noticed only Priyanka, but have u noticed other actresses like Katrina, Aishwariya, Kareena, Vidya?? You will get all your answers. And what you told about her and SRK, have u seen an award show where SRK kissed Katrina? What would u say about that? And in another show Vidya and SRK were flirting openly !! And you were there where Akki nd PC were sleeping! lolz.. These are all about showbiz, they show what we want them to show !!

    • Silenthill

      Nandita You Are Right.
      I Am Fan Only Priyanka Chopra.

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  • Ranju

    I slept with Piggy a lot in my high school days, she is truly something i must say! Now the matter of fact, she ignores me and gets uncomfortable whenever we meet in social events.

  • Pia

    This Ranju seems to be just out from Mental hospital. BTW Ranju, R u a guy or a girl? I am sorry I am confused. Senna, please control your hormones.

  • SG

    Lol.. Senna’s post is hilarious & spot on..

  • anita

    @senna-agree with you completely..plus that fake accent that changes every now and then..PC pls be urself and stop trying to ape the west..u act really well..but u suck at singing…my ears bleed listening to ur new single..nuthing personal..but yes i think ur super fake like everyone else in bollywood..

    @ ranju…hahahahahahahahah!! pls consult a good doc!

  • crusader

    @senna – u speak as if u r priyanka’s mom or childhood friend
    damn…how cum u know so much about her

    U know…u r one of those typical wannabe’s who follow her like crazy…nd say such things coz of jealousy

    Plz….if u r not interested in her…den y u waste ur time following her like a sniffer nd den posting odd things about her at forums…..better mind ur own business

  • crusader

    feeling so angry about wat u wrote…..wish I could smash ur face hard….do inform me if u cum to delhi

  • Cindy

    1. She is arrogant, look at her interviews. She loves herself so much and has so many opinions on others. No wonder people dont like her.

    2. I dont care what she says: she cant act at all. Her voice doesnt fit and shes kinda fake acting. I cant like that. Everyone can do that.

    3. Shes plastic. Her nose is crap, her lips are enhanced. Both dont fit. And she bleaches her skin. I remember in an interview she told people that she was critizised because her skin was dark. Thats when she kinda started falling for it and well..nowadays everyone wants to fit in the white-thrash-categoy. Aishwarya in Cannes, omg..what a shame. Even Beyonces skin is to laugh at. I dont know why they wanna be white. I know they wanna have good roles etc. but this is selling out.

    4. I think i would be 100% right that she would “choose”(im careful here using vulgar words for this action) Shahrukh Khan if he was a playboy and cheating-type. (which he is kinda)

    5. Pryanka baby, come with original ideas and not copying Rihannas poses etc…on pictures.

    6. bye the way: what did she expect people to say about her “barely with make up” pictures? that she doesnt need make up or what? Because she does.

    7. her body is so out of shape. Shes slim but her upper part is so wide compared to her slim lower body parts..not good to look at.

    8. She acts classy and well mannered but hello, see some of her movies and you will notice a professional §($//%$”%::SHAME SHAME SHAME…..the positions, the men omg.
    9. shes like her character in Aitraaz, too much dominating men, she wont ever find a husband and even if she does after 3-4 years her movie “divorce” is coming to a cinema near you! Better watch that XD
    10. too many points to mention..lol

  • http://hoverspot.com/blog.php?userId=989817 Mike Won

    She’s a brown eyed phoney wearing contact lenses!

  • meg

    Who cares if she wears colored contacts, if thats what she likes its what she likes. just like how people dye there hair or straighten it or even curl it. The entire world is always trying to alter themselves don’t criticize her for something so many of us do.

  • yan

    i dnt think she’s strikingly beautiful…she’s got typical indian features..wat works most for her is her height and figure..other than that there is nothin WOW about her..and except for some ocassions i dont think she is a great style icon..i think all celebrities are overly dressed.,especially bollywood wid all their blings and glitters…just over the top.

  • Harry

    Don’t argue guys. Here’s what’s important:

    For us guys, ask yourselves, “would you do her?”. My answer is yes. Would I like to marry her. Hell no!

    To ladies:

    If you want role models, look up to Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi, Florence Nightingale, Golda Meir (ugliest woman that ever roamed the earth; but shrewed as hell).

    Film stars, and especially Bollywood film stars, are like plastic wrappers draped over every selling commodity. That’s it. Principled people either leave the scene or make a mark for themselves. Individuals like Amitabh Bacchan, Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Mahuri Dixit (oh, Madhuri!), Shonali Bendre (Oh, oh Shonali!!!!) come to mind. Maybe not Shonali, but I’d marry her. They were/are artists. The new generation of Bollywood actors, or “clueless degenerates”, are just around to humor us for the time we invest on them. Time is money. We spare some time and these degenerates earn some money. That’s how it works.

    Now, Bhagyashree isn’t quite the hot one. Which is why she’s no longer in Indian cinema. She’s cute, though. I’ll end my two words (which were quite profound, in case some idiots didn’t notice/realize it) here.

  • Frustsaur

    Fact No 11 – Priyanka Chopra is the hottest thing in India, and she makes thousands of people like me masturbate for her like crazy dogs. We LOVE YOU PRIYANKA.

  • http://www.google.com @$ h

    People jus shut up.,,.all u people who commented on her did u guys jus forgot she is MISS WORLD…and if she dint had it in her no 1wud win miss world….cock ua holes….n if u dnt lik sm1 dnt betta comment…..luv priyanka im proud f u! :)

  • hekmatyar

    Hekmatyar 22 years
    yes u r absolutely right but what i am saying using makeup is not a difficult thing for anyone in a current situation.
    look we have 3 types of beauty 1-first called jamal 2-second called hosan 3-third called hosnijamal

    1-jamal means that if someone has fit body it means body fit
    no changes in body not too tall, not too short not too fat not too thin normal
    height every things is normal and normal.

    2-hosan means that if sm has an attractive color of the body good color
    well skin , pink or white or not black or not white normal colored face
    but sth changes in body maybe very tall ,short,maybe sth zigzag in the

    body big lips or big nose or very thin thnigs in the body.
    3-hosnijamal means every thing is fit, perfect ,attractive color of skin

    according to body and according color good hair , healthy and sexy body,
    skin, and color.
    artificial beauty can never take place of natural beauty.
    make-up, cream,powder etc does not beatify face just it changes a colcor

    of the skin for a while

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