Emraan Hashmi: “I Will Stop Doing Kissing Scenes.”

April 1, 2012
Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi

Wow. Who would’ve thought we’d see this day? Team MissMalini caught up with Bollywood serial-kisser Emraan Hashmi at a recent event, and he made a shocking revelation – he wants to stop doing kissing scenes!


He’s said it many times before – Emraan doesn’t like to be tagged as Bollywood’s “serial kisser.” When we asked him why the tag bothers him so much, he said, “It took hard work to become an actor, so I don’t like getting recognition only for my kissing scenes. I’m much more than that. I’ve been thinking lately that I will stop doing kissing scenes.”

As you can imagine, that statement surprised us. So we pressed further and asked him if he’s serious about this.

“Yes, I am serious,” he said, then after a pause added, “I’m not saying that I will never do a kissing scene again. But I am trying to move away from them and I think you will see me in much fewer kissing scenes from now on.”

Emraan Hashmi and wife, Parveen (photo courtesy | indiatimes.com)

We asked him if this decision had anything to do with his wife, and he seemed irritated for a second. “No, why? She’s very secure, she knows it comes with the job. But she also supports my decision to stop doing them.”

Well, there you have it. Emraan Hashmi’s putting the kissing scenes on the backseat because he wants to get noticed for much more than that. Which is great, i think – he’s really quite a good actor and it’ll be nice for him to be appreciated for that more than his numerous kissing scenes.

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    • Srinivasan

      Emraan Hashmi is playing a April Fool prank!
      He made a point sometimes ago:-
      Emraan Hashmi: I Will Not Stop Kissing

      Before shooting for Jannat 2 he told the media he would stop kissing but there are few kissing scenes in the movie.

    • jiya

      Soooo Fake ;)

    • Rash

      April fool’s Day Spoof! ;)

    • khyati

      This blog is definately an april fools blog ;)

    • Tani

      This is Fool’s day Fool as Emaraan cannot decide whether to Kiss or not on screen it is director’s call and the scripts wants.So Emaraan Has mi cannot decide and comment. This is totally against his recent comment I will not stop kissing.So no to puckering and may land up out of job.

    • Pallavi


    • NITS

      Emmraan Hash Mi without Kissing is like snakes stops hissing. So maybe he is in hibernation and molting out his skin to get new one.Can go beyond kissing but surely cannot stop as the Mosquitoes once taste the blood cannot not survive without it.So to sustain his job he will not stop.

      Therefore this is another April’s One blunder.

    • Rajvinder Kaur

      Totally Fake News…He can’t help him self…its April fool’s day Trick…

    • Deb

      Fake! Happy April Fools day :)

    • TheOreoQueen

      April Fools!! this is so not true. :D

    • Shrinidhi, Bangalore

      Not true!

    • http://www.twitter.com/srishtiuiniverse Srishti Gupta

      Alley Now his movies song will save him? absolutely fake!

    • Akhila Gona

      Fake I guess.

    • Nidhi C


    • http://www.stylebespoke.com Pallavi

      (At least for his sake I hope it is. Why else will he ever get any films otherwise? :P)

    • http://9687361323 Prateek Agrawal

      bhoookha marna hai kya emraan ko?? its fake yet again

    • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

      You’re right Tani, we were making this up! Send us you info@missmalini.com to claim your prize :) xoxo

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