10 Spanish Clothing Brands You Should Know About!

Posted by Esha Amin
July 27, 2012

Esha, who I often run into at fashion week (where’s she’s obviously styling the shows), is a talented fashion designer. I recently bumped into her at the airport on my way back from Rio and we exchanged travel stories, and she agreed to share her most exciting sojourn to Spain – and to let us in on her fashion finds! Enjoy! xoxo

Esha Amin

Esha Amin

Madrid – a city known for its monumental, bohemian, modern charm and nightlife! While I couldn’t get enough of the museums of Prado and Reina Sofia, the picturesque Cibeles Fountain, the Royal Palace, Alcalá Gate, Retiro Park, the irresistibly sensuous flamenco dance and all the artistic and musical jazz around, here’s another exciting part: this Spanish capital also happens to be a prime international destination for the fashion conscious! Balenciaga, Manolo Blahnik, Mango, Zara, del Pozo, Paco Rabanne, Felipe Varela are all Spanish clothing brands!

Madrid Instagram

Madrid Instagram

While Madrid has quite a few busy shopping streets in the districts of Salamanca and Fuencarral, I picked the Salamanca stretch – also known as fashion’s “golden mile” – and spent most of my time at edgy streets like Claudio Coello, Calle Lagasca, Calle Hermosilla and Calle Serrano.

These streets house leading retail chains (like Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Caramelo, Hoss Intropia, Custo Barcelona, desigual, Women’s Secret, Maxmara, Longchamp) as well as elegant buildings featuring luxury fashion from Manolo Blahnik, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Roberto Verino, as well as Carrera y Carrera’s Fabulous Jewellry, glamorous footwear brands like Farrutx to international icons like Chanel, Armani, Valentino and Gucci.



Walking down the boulevards with rebajas (sale in Spanish) boards on all stores, I beamed like a lighthouse. Here’s a quick run of 10 impressive Spanish brands I saw:

Hoss Intropia

Hoss Intropia

Hoss Intropia

An exclusive brand from Madrid offering contemporary cult women’s wear with a unique philosophy – “dress to dazzle”. Prints are the special trademark at Hoss Intropia, all of which are designed and produced in-house. Hoss Intropia is all about unconventional detailing, embroidery, beadwork and a melange of textures – a bohemian girl’s dream label!




A clothing brand of the El Corte Inglés Group (Spain’s largest department store company), this brand is known for its comfortable and fashionable clothes, with a great selection of trendy accessories for casual young ladies and sophisticated women. Practical fashion at a very good price! It’s available at all main Spanish cities and in countries like Portugal, Greece and Mexico.




An uninhibited spirited Spanish brand that sells from casual chic to urban grunge accessories and clothing for the modern man and woman looking for constant change. They offer top trends but are affordable. A great brand to stock up on for versatile but interesting basics for your wardrobe.

Massimo Dutti’s

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti

This world famous Spanish brand from the Inditex group is found in most prime locations across the globe. It offers a wide collection of sophisticated high-end fashion and easygoing casual wear for independent men and women. A unique selling point of this brand is contemporary, flawless styling in gen-next fabrics like natural fabrics, subtle textures and innovative blends. Though slightly more expensive than the rest of the stores of Inditex, it is totally worth it for the high quality and a look that is cosmopolitan and elegant, while providing the utmost comfort.




This is a fun fashion brand that responds to the demands of young women aged between 15 and 30, who are looking for the very hottest trends in fashion and are excited about combining garments as a form of personal expression. Independent and feminine, the collection reflects a youthful outlook on fashion, providing the latest trends, designs, fabrics and accessories to its fans. Spotted: interesting vegetation inspired prints!




An eclectic and quirky clothing brand from the Spanish group Inditex (the same group that created Zara). Iconoclastic fashion and designs for young adventurous people who are highly aware of new trends. The women’s line has two labels:

  • Bershka, which caters to the high street fashion needs of women. It offers a wide range of jeanswear, evening wear, casual wear and fashion wear.
  • BSK offers leading trends for younger girls, taking inspiration from music idols, rock stars, and the like.

The men’s section offers much more than fashionable jeanswear for boys – this product line offers casual, sports and fashion wear as well.

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear

Urban clothing brand at an accessible price for young people who shun stereotypes with casual fashion. Pull & Bear focuses on taking the latest international trends, and mixes them with influences from new technologies, social movements, New York lofts and the latest artistic or musical trends.  Comfortable and easy to wear garments.

Armand Basi

Armand Basi

Armand Basi

A globally known fashion brand for men and women aged between 25 and 35 years old. A prestigious brand with a clear vision and a strong forte for comfortable, modern clothes of exceptional quality that comes at a slightly higher price. It offers a complete lifestyle experience with fragrances, watches, glasses, belts, jewelry, homeware, shoes, accessories, kitchen textiles, and tableware.




A cosmopolitan fashion brand for young men and women from 20 to 30 years old. Offers a wide variety of jeans, jackets, shirts, tees, and flat knits, all of an upbeat style and European spirit. Urban, casual, with an exceptionally good quality-price ratio for both clothing and accessories! The men’s collection is a must try for good deals in trendy casuals. They also include cosmetics and fragrances.

Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez

Minimalistic Spanish women’s fashion brand that has an interesting heritage, having started as a shop for tailored suits in the 50’s. Today, the brand promotes elegant and classical ready-to-wear fashions for the middle-upper segment with key designs like deconstructed women’s suits that are curved, anatomical, and with a flavor of seductiveness using luxurious fabrics like silks, crêpes and shantung silk. It could make your pocket a little lighter, but at least the visit is worth the experience.

To round up, Madrid has definitely found its way up on my list of the hippest places to shop, especially if you are looking for that shop-till-you-drop experience – at least that’s what happened to me! xoxo

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  • Ranjit Rodricks

    awesome piece, Esha! Congrats on Ur first blog!

  • http://www.missmalini.com MissMalini

    Really cool Top 10 list, I can’t wait to go to Madrid and go shopping!!! xoxo

  • esha amin

    Thank you so much malini and ranjit for this …much love esha:)

  • Aditya Jain

    Amazing read, one of the most comprehensive list and so many unheard brands!!! Super cool!

  • http://head2heels-roxanne.blogspot.com/ Roxanne

    I love Bershka and Blanco! We need some of them here in India :-(

  • Ritvika

    Correction, Mango was never created by Inditex!( mentioned under the bershka category)

  • Seema

    Thanks Esha – lovely blog. Cheers

  • esha amin

    @ritvika: my apologies for that error, it was an oversight on my part thank you for noticing it, mango is by major brands:)

  • http://www.sandeshjayakar.com Sandesh Jayakar

    Good one Esha…. Keep traveling and keep sharing…


  • Navita

    hey awesome esha!!

  • Yashodha

    Intersting article Esha , keep posting ,

  • sudha

    cool list…thanks

  • mamita

    what about stix casual .. what do u think about it

  • Virginie

    Congrats Esha, your analyse of Madrid and its fashion sticks perfectly to the reality.
    Keep writing about your trips!!
    Good start :-)

  • Harish Rao K

    The blog looks great :)

  • Yutika

    wish v had bershka in India!!awesome brand analysis! keep updating us:-)

  • Jayeeta Ray

    really good and comprehensive read Esha!You should write about your trips and insights more often!

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  • Smita Iyer

    Esha dear.. Great work!

  • http://www.latestsalwarkameezdesigns.com Shop Salwar Kameez Online

    It’s really nice to read your blog, comprehensive and useful too. I never know about this brands if I have not read your blog so thanks a lot and keep sharing this kind of informative information.

  • Rasheed

    Good Work Esha!!!

  • http://www.spanishfitters.com Lynn Wong

    Hi, you have definitely named the more commercialised brands in Spain though along these lines, I would also add in other Spanish fashion brands like Camper shoes, Desigual, Mango. But Spain has alot more creativity in fashion to discover especially when there is a big pool of small designer brands with very distinctive styles – just need to go out there and search for them. On a more sales approach, this is what we are trying to do, to showcase more of these unique and exclusive styles to fashion lovers. Enjoy!

  • sam

    clearly your choices for fashion are geared toward young peoples tasts and I would nbot wear junk like that. i prefer italian suits and shoes. you would not find me casually wearing any of the above fashions, namely too, because they are ugly and do not look good. when in doubt, a pair of blue jeans and a tee shirt looks better than the stuff above……

    • positive

      what a bitter post¡¡ no doubt you have problems beyond fashion¡¡ you have quite a large number of high-end fashion brands from Spain, you may watch them in Madrid’s fashion Week but also in NY Fashion Week, París’ and London’s (Loewe, Josep Font Haute Couture, Amaya Arzuaga, Juanjo Oliva, Ailanto, Sita Murt, etc) and also shoe designers like Manolo Blahnik, Sara Navarro, Yanko, Martinelli (which is Spanish, not Italian) Ayestaran, Carmina, Callaghan, Castañer, etc

  • KB

    Hey esha extremely well done and interesting info. I think Adolfo Dominguez, Massimo Dutti and Armand Basi are really not junk as per Mr.Sam (termed your choices as junk). They are very fashion forward brands. Clearly we are not talking abt Sam’s fashion sense or what he prefers. We dont care abt Sam’s junk dressing. All in all i would say excellent wrk. Really helpful content. Keep it up!!!

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    nice information. can i post it in my website? Thanks!

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    Useful for my research

  • feno

    Anyway to work for one of those

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  • Abdullah Al Mamun

    nice to see all…great’

  • Gabriela Sauras

    Hello, I would like to add to the list the brand Tantra, with impressive fashionable collections and complements, shops in Spain and Europe and also shop online, I leave you the link of their web https://tantraimpex.com

  • MartaMar

    Hi! It’s amazing to see how the spanish brands are apreciated out of Spain. The creations are sunny and happy. Other interesting brands as Compañía Fantástica, Tiralahilacha, Pepa Loves and many others can be found in small shops. And they are amazing. You can see some of this spanish creations at http://www.marengostyle.com and discover other real spanish clothes. Kisses.

  • No Trends, Just Fashion

    Thanks for showing the world the great fashion brands we have!! If you would like to discover the latest emerging fashion brands do not miss my weekly posts about new Spanish brands (but open to future collaborations with international brands!)

  • Cristina madrid

    I really like your post. However, I’m afraid that indetex didn’t create Mango which belongs to a complete different company. http://shop.mango.com/home.faces?state=she_006_IN

  • zahir

    we r 100% export oriented garments buying house at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    if you r need to contuct us pl.
    thank u

  • Jessy Flann

    let me add Purificación García, Bimba & Lola, Trucco, Sara Navarro (shoes), Antonio Miró and Pedro del Hierro. I must agree that Hoss Intropia will make any modern highly tasted woman dream¡¡

  • Jessy Flann

    and I forgot to mention UTERQÜE, you will adore it as much as Hoss Intropia, both of them can be quite expensive but design, cut and materials are simply supreme¡

  • samer zagha

    hay we interstd to offer us out let branded clothes for mens ladies n chilidrens

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