Shah Rukh Khan’s Two Conditions.

Posted by MissMalini
September 18, 2012
Shah Rukh Khan in Billu Barber

Shah Rukh Khan in Billu Barber

How cute is this? I read somewhere today that Shah Rukh Khan’s two major conditions when signing a movie are,

1.) Shah Rukh will NOT kiss his heroine on screen. (Thanks for specify the on screen part btw *mmph*)
and 2.) Shah Rukh will not… ride a horse! (This is probably new because he has a bad back now, I mean let’s face it, he ain’t no spring chicken anymore) because we’ve seen him gallop up a storm in Karun Arjun years ago.

I suppose that’s not too much to ask? Although I’m betting a lot of young actresses who were hoping to lock lips with the King have had their hopes dashed, ah well.

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  • Phoenix

    Def heard about how he won’t kiss on screen.. he is one of the few people who understand sensuality can be expressed by a look in the eyes..just too bad that the people who DO kiss on screen can’t even learn how to do it properly – Emraan Hashmi practically swallows his kissee’s whole(literally he puts both of Esha Gupta/Bipasha’s lips in between his giant lips and then sucks them both.. I saw that sh*t in 3D it was not pretty).

  • Magali

    Pretty sure he rode a horse in Asoka too.

  •!/tehrashminator Rashmi Daryanani

    @Phoenix – “I saw that sh*t in 3D it was not pretty”

    *lol* Scarier than that cockroach scene, fo’ sho’.

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