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    Exclusive: Team MissMalini’s Interview With the “Mumbai Mirror” Stars

    Mumbai Mirror (photo courtesy |

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    Mumbai Mirror (photo courtesy |

    Mumbai Mirror (photo courtesy |

    Team MissMalini interviewed the star cast of the movie ‘Mumbai Mirror’. The movie is about the nexus between the dance bars and the police.

    Sachiin Joshi 

    Sachiin Joshi

    Sachiin Joshi (photo courtesy | Khyati Gandhi for

    Sachiin Joshi who plays the cop tells us about his role in the movie, his favorite dialogue and much more. Watch!

    Gihana Khan

    Gihana Khan

    Gihana Khan (photo courtesy | Khyati Gandhi for

    Gihana Khan, plays the role of a bar dancer, talks about the role, the difficulties she faced while shooting, her favorite song and much more.

    Khyati Gandhi
    Jan 9 , 2013 4:50 pm


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