Talking 'bout my Generation.

MissMalini , 18 May 2009

Have you heard? Apparently Aishwarya Bachchan is so not happy with Sonam Kapoor’s “generation comment” that she’s actually got the brand to axe her from walking the red carpet at Cannes tomorrow for the international cosmetics brand L’Oreal which they both endorse.

Here’s what happened; on May 10, while attending the brand’s event in Mumbai, Sonam Kapoor was welcomed as the youngest member to join the brand’s dream team and made an unfortunate remark about Aishwarya not being from her generation. Now I can’t imagine that she was looking to pick a fight with Bollywood’s queen bee but anybody who’s hoping to be somebody must know that steering clear of comments to do with which decade a diva belongs to is probably the wisest choice.

In fact a source close to Aishwarya goes as far as to say, “Sonam was signed in December 2008 as ambassador for the brand in India and not as part of the international dream team. And so, she will not do the carpet honours at Cannes for the brand. Ash will walk the red carpet with the brand’s dream team, including Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Yeoh. Aishwarya got to know Sonam was coming when she reached Cannes. But Sonam has not been invited by the brand but is there with her father Anil Kapoor as a visitor.”

While the brand spokesperson remained unavailable for comment, a source close to Sonam says, “At the Cannes festival press conference, Aishwarya called Sonam’s statements juvenile and irresponsible.” Ouch.

Obviously Sonam is in shock at the belligerent reaction from the usually collected Rai. Sonam’s friend adds, “Sonam can’t understand why Ash is so upset with her and is bitching her out everywhere. Sonam feels that Aishwarya is doing some great films in spite of being 35 years old and that Sonam is too small for someone’s of Aishwarya’s stature. It’s very childish of Aishwarya to react like this.”

(There you go again bringing up the age thing. Sonam tell your friends to stop helping you. They really aren’t!)

My verdict: Sonam Kapoor commenting on Aishwarya’s – age brave, but stupid. I’m also guessing Miss Kapoor will be bagging no more starring roles opposite the hubby Abhishek Bachchan after having co-starred with him in Delhi 6.

Now while I’m usually all for the underdog in these situations I have to say I’m actually ok with Aishwariya’s reaction. I mean why would anyone so dedicatedly find their way to the top and not be prepared to push back when faced with an insinuation that perhaps they may have passed their peak? You must be joking. (Cat fights across the globe have broken out over much less!)

Moral of the story Sonam sometimes, even if you think it, its probably better not to say it especially at a press conference (dear lord.) Perhaps she could have taken a diplomacy cue from the adorable new Genelia D’Souza who’s manages to replace both Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee without ruffling any feathers that I’ve heard of so far.

Of course faced with Aishwarya’s determined stand (aka I’ll show you missy) the company had no option but to inform Sonam that she will no longer be walking the red carpet in Cannes during the premiere of Pedro Almodovar’s latest film Broken Embraces starring Penelope Cruz, another ambassador for the brand. Vismay Shama, India head of the brand, refused to throw light on the matter. He said, “We will release an official statement only tomorrow morning. Till then you will have to wait.” Sonam’s spokesperson Monica Bhattacharya said, “The brand has promised to issue a statement tomorrow morning and we would like to allow them the privilege of doing so.” But sources confirm that the sprightly young actress is obviously gutted.

Judging by that rather raw and puppy-like performance I’m guessing the bosses over at L’Oreal are confident about who’s really “worth it.”

Good thing she’s got time on her side eh? I’m sure she’ll get over it.

P.S. Gen Next has clearly taken Sonam’s red carpet casualty pretty serious like and started a Facebook group (how very new age of them!) called Go For It Sonam!!!! to garner support.

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