Is Shah Rukh Khan Bonding With Akshay Kumar?

Ridhima Sinha
Akshay Kumar & Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan looks like he’s really keen to put the whole Wankhede nightmare behind him. Infact, he’s out extending an olive branch to many frenemies. First, he made up with Farah Khan who’s doing a movie with him now and now there’s buzz about his efforts to patch things up with arch-rival, Akshay Kumar.

The two met at an IPL match in Pune recently where Shah Rukh’s team played beautifully to ensure a spot in the quarter finals. According to TOI, Shah Rukh Khan walked up to Akshay (who was there to promote Rowdy Rathore) and greeted him warmly.

Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar | photo courtesy:

SRK even invited him to a bash he was throwing for his Kolkata Knight Riders but Akshay had to politely refuse as he was scheduled to leave for Mumbai the same evening. Ouch. I hope it wasn’t Akshay’s way of avoiding any more bonding with SRK. But, those who saw the two superstars talking away for almost fifteen minutes could swear that they were getting along. Now, is this Shah Rukh’s way of winning some brownie points with the media and film industry after the recent brawl? Or is King Khan actually just being his usual large-hearted self?

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