Bollywood First Day First Show: Jism 2 Review.

Rashmi Daryanani

Jism 2 tells the story of intelligence officer Ayaan (Arunoday Singh) who hires pornstar Izna (Sunny LeoneAKA Karenjit Kaur) to carry out a mission – she is to seduce dangerous criminal Kabir (Randeep Hooda), infiltrate his world, and steal data that the top-secret Intelligence Bureau requires.

This film has been making waves lately: mostly for their leading lady, Sunny Leone, and also because of a few controversies that has kept it foremost in the mind of the moviegoing audience. So does the film live up to the hype? Read our Pros and Cons list to find out.



+ The music. It says a lot about a film when the music is not only the best thing about it, but rather, the only good thing about it. The soundtrack features various composers and singers. KK is fabulous in Abhi Abhi, and Ali Azmat is haunting in Maula. But I certainly didn’t need to go to the cinema to listen to them…



– The dialogues. Let me share with you some gems: “Ek shikayat hai ki kaash mere khoon ka rang mere ishq ki tarah gehra hota.” “Main tumhe apne haathon se maroonga!“Jo kaam ek mehbooba nahin kar sakti hai, woh ek biwi kar sakti hai.” Need I say more? Everytime a character mouthed off one of these lines, I was torn between cringing with secondhand embarrassment, or laughing out loud at just how bad it was. Because, really. Really. Do people actually talk like that? I don’t want to know those people.


– The performances. To be fair, Randeep Hooda has his moments. But only a few moments, and those too feel completely wasted on the film. Arunoday Singh alternates from delivering empty, flat expressions to severely over-the-top, exaggerated scenes. Sunny Leone, while very pretty, did not execute her scenes well. She seems to have two expressions: a happy one and a pained one. She uses one of the two depending on the scene, but unfortunately both look so unconvincing that she bumbles through the entire film without being believable.


– The story. It’s predictable; you know what’s going to happen. Everything is too convenient; the characters don’t have a problem getting what they want . One example: the doors to Arunoday’s house are left wide open, allowing Randeep access in when he wants. Also, the script doesn’t doesn’t make sense. In the same scene, Arunoday’s bag is magically lying right there – Randeep heads straight for it, and somehow (inexplicably) finds out about Arunoday’s fake identity not from the identification proof that he tosses aside, but by reading some random novel that is supposed to have a vague connection to their lives. Yeah, okay.


– The sex. Alright, so there are supposed to be two parts to this film: Jism, the story; and Jism, the… well, actual jism. As we already know, the story is a flop show, so there’s only one thing left. And let’s be real, most people are considering going to see the film for the sex, not the story. Sadly, even those people will leave disappointed. Yes, the film does have its seductive scenes – but it’s nothing that you haven’t seen before. Even with the inclusion of Sunny Leone, they haven’t taken that oomph factor to another level. So no, even Sunny Leone can’t make this film paisa vasool. But considering that most people are going to the cinemas just to see her “hot scenes”, I don’t think the term applies. Since there are several videos of her naked online for free, how is it  paisa vasool to see her fully-clothed? Therefore, Jism 2 fails to deliver even on what’s supposed to be its USP.


Do you really need one? Skip it. Not worth your time, not worth your money.

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