Today is World televisions day, so in honor of that I decided to pick my 10 favorite TV shows (the kind that keep you at home 48hrs at a stretch ignoring your phone calls because you just have to see what happens next!) Feel free to leave me your favorites in the comments below!

TV Addict
TV Addict


So I watched Lost from beginning to end and was totally hooked. Sadly, though it was fun while it lasted I kinda want the last 6 years back. Wtf was that existential ending? *facepalm*

Game of Thrones

Everyone told me how awesome this show was until I caved and started watching. Now I’m all caught up with two seasons and can’t wait for season three in March 2013. (My favorites were the Khal, the Khaleesi and her dragons! Yours?)

Downton Abbey

If you love period dramas (and those costumes) this is the show for you.


An American marine turned into a terrorist? In this day and age this show feels super relevant and they know how to keep you on edge.


I confess, I got a bit fed up of Jack Bauer by Season 4. He’s a cross between Chuck Norris and MacGyver but has the emotional issues of a 16-year-old girl. Oh boo hoo Jack, get over it. (I did like the real-time, everything-that-happens-in-24-hours feel though, and they gave us our first black US president, dope!)

Boardwalk Empire

I haven’t watched the show as carefully as I should have, so I may have to start again but everyone who has says its brill!

The Sopranos

What a show, what a show. The last 30 seconds of the 6th season will blow your mind.

True Blood

I know all the vampire-haters will be rolling their eyes at this one but it’s a really addictive show! (And you eventually get used to seeing A LOT of blood and guts everywhere, you do I swear.)


Now that we’re talking blood and guts how could I forget Dexter. Everybody’s favorite serial killer and you have to love the internal dialogue and his foul-mouthed sister Deb.

The News Room

This action-packed peak behind the curtains of a tv station really put things intro perspective. (I also know Soha Ali Khan is addicted to this show from her tweets!)

*Gossip Girl

Ok, make that 11. I was totally obsessed with this show when it started and even picked up the “xoxo” signature as a result. I’m team Chuck & Blaire btw even though I know he’s a “bad boy”, he’s just so misunderstood!