Sourabee Debbarma and John Abraham on Indian Idol 4 (photo courtesy | )

While we know that Sanjay Leela Bhansali plans to make a Mary Kom biopic, I must say, the casting choices are appalling. There were reports of Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra going after the role. While Priyanka Chopra has publicly stated she is not considering the role, the names being thrown about are quite silly as well.

I’ve always maintained that someone from the Northeast should play Mary Kom, and frankly find it insulting that producers are apparently considering mainstream actresses like Katrina Kaif. My choice is Sourabhee Debbarma, the winner of Indian Idol 4. I’d be happy if the casting agents found a newcomer from the Northeast as well.

Shilpa Shetty and Mary Kom
Shilpa Shetty and Mary Kom

I’m a bit conflicted when it comes to cross-cultural casting though. I think it was fine that Freida Pinto played Rula Jebreal in Miral due to their strong resemblance (despite the fact that Freida Pinto is Indian and Rula Jebreal is Israeli-Italian.)

Freida Pinto and Rula Jebreal (photo courtesy | The Associated Press)

But there have been no major parts for actresses and actors from the Northeast in Bollywood films, and denying this role to an Northeast actress by giving it instead to a more commercial Bollywood actress would be a great disservice. I already feel that Bollywood is sending the wrong message by casting Caucasian actresses based on their white skin, but doing this for the Mary Kom biopic would be the pinnacle of stupidity.

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