Exclusive: Rahul Bose Says, “I Have Never Had a Stylist!”

Zina Tasreen
Rahul Bose

Trust y’all know by now that we, at MissMalini.com, heart Rahul Bose – to bits. And one of the reasons being his sartorial prowess. He and his namesake are THE best dressed men in India – there’s no two ways about it. And, I’d go so far as to say that they can cut it with the best of them – anywhere. So, imagine our glee when we managed to interrogate him on − all things style. Oh, you gotta watch this one; he’s at his witty best!

Rahul Bose

Rahul Bose

If you’re unable to catch the clip because Youtube’s banned where you are (:-@) or you happen to be at work, here’s what we learnt:

  • For 300 days a year, he’s in shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops
  • He’s dons many hats, that of an actor, social activist, international rugby player/sportsperson, motivational speaker for top management of companies
  • He gets his immaculately-cut suits made from Rajesh Pratap Singh and Narendra Kumar Ahmed
  • He doesn’t really follow fashion; he lets his mood dictate his sartorial choices
  • The most prized item in his wardrobe is his “leather chappals”
  • He thinks a stylish man is one who “does not give a toss what everyone says but does what he wants to, one who’s always compassionate, always funny, can always laugh at himself and he’s always ready to work very, very hard for himself and for others” [So, yeah, basically, he, himself, is the ultimate stylish man… we think ;-)]
  • But he reckons George Clooney is the most stylish man around
  • One style tip for men: put your socks on before you wear your shirt, because when you bend down to wear your socks with your shirt on you’ll crush it (!)
  • And the big revelation: he never had a stylist (!!!). [He just went up higher in my estimation]

P.S. Thanks, Rashmi – you’re the best!

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