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MissMalini , 20 May 2013

MM animesYes! Its FINALLY happened. My little baby’s all growns up :) Say hello to months of blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights (well mostly for Nowshad. Thank you baby!) I am extremely happy to present to you our epic site upgrade that we are affectionately calling MissMalini 2.OMG.


First up NOBODY PANIC! I understand that change can be scary. If this is all too much for you and you’re tearing up from the sensory overdose let me tell you we’ve kept a special panic button just for you right on top of the site that lets you go back to seeing MissMalini.com in blog format. It’s called SWITCH TO LIST VIEW. (Go on try it, I’ll wait right here.)

list view

Feel better? That gives you the site in good old list format with the very latest posts on top. If you wanna come back and try the site in all its new flavour simply click on SWITCH TO MAGAZINE. Simple enough?

2. Categories, categories!

As you can see we’ve clearly divided up the blog into three clear compartments. BOLLYWOOD, FASHION & LIFESTYLE. That way all my Bollywood junkies can surf the latest celebrity gossip unhindered by a fashionista featurette (and vice versa). And those who want to stalk me in Malini’s World can do so uninterrupted :) Here’s a quick run down of the different categories and where you’ll find what:

blog sections

Also as you can see, even my MissMalini anime got a makeover to fit each category :)

MissMalini animes

There’s a fashion post all about that coming soon with how the fabulous Marv D’Souza styled her (and the diva tantrums she threw!) so stay tuned!


Now here’s a mega cool feature we’ve added. Whenever my team of busy bee bloggers post something new you’ll get a nifty little update like SO:

new blog alert

This way you’ll never miss a new blog post again! (Especially when we go into overdrive and post 30 blogs a day.) You like? :)

4. Multimedia Galleries

You know I am probably the most trigger-happy person on the planet. So I am delighted to share with you our spanking new photo and video galleries!

photo & video galleries

Scroll down to the bottom of the home page (or any of the Bollywood, Fashion or Lifestyle landing pages) and you’ll get a TON of videos and photo galleries to browse through.


I totally love all the tweet-happy Bollywood fan clubs on Twitter & Facebook so I thought why not give you guys a special scrolling star gallery where you can ogle your favorite celebrities all day long? Every time we add a new blog, photo or video that has anything to do with that star it’ll show up on their fanpage :) If you wanna see a fanpage for your favourite celeb just leave us a comment below and we’ll get right on it!

celeb pages


And just because I know you like playing fun games and winning awesome goodies I’ve made a permanent contest section right on top of the site so you’ll always know where to find it. Good luck!

Sooooo, whaddya think?! We’re all so excited to share this new version of the blog with you and we hope you love it, leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.

PS. If you spot any glitches please bear with us, we’re new and trying super hard to be improved, just shoot me an email on [email protected] and we’ll be sure to fix it right up. Thanks for always having my back :) Love ya! xoxo

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