Who's Got a Warrant Out Against Mallika Sherawat (Again)

MissMalini , 11 Jul 2013


So this email landed in my mailbox about an hour ago and I find it deeply amusing for two reasons. 1. Read this blog. 2. I had NO idea there was a warrant out against Mallika Sherawat until Mallika’s legal team so kindly informed me. Shoot yourself in the foot much?

Now here’s what happened as per bollywoodhungama.com. Mallika Sherawat has been asked to appear before the court on August 19 by the Chief Judicial magistrate, as a bailable warrant has been issued against her for obscenity. The case originated in December 31, 2006 when Mallika performed at a New Year’s eve bash in this Britney-esqe outfit.

Mallika Sherawat bodysuit
Mallika Sherawat bodysuit

The former president of the Baroda Bar Association (who saw her performance on television) filed a complaint against her for obscenity. He accused Mallika of a provocative and obscene public performance and claimed that a spectator tried to stop the dance but the organisers prevented him.

Mallika made things sticky for herself by not appearing before the court as summoned on July 6. Now the seriously peeved accuser has threatened to issue a non-bailable warrant against her as an “absconder” if she misses another court assigned date.

Here’s the video, why don’t you take a call. No scene or obscene?

Oh no, you know what’s going to happen now right? Variety roll camera.

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