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Three years ago, I discovered a perfect way to get high and ever since, I’ve been hooked. My addiction – rocks – more specifically climbing up rocks – the higher, the better! Rock Climbing goes beyond an ‘adventure sport’ meant to be ticked off your bucket list – it’s a new way of living.

In these three years I’ve met the most amazing people, travelled to untouched places and pushed myself to do things that I never thought I could do. Rock Climbing is not for the faint hearted, however, if you are willing to hold tight and let go, it will embrace you with open arms. Here are 11 Reasons Why You Should Climb Rocks:

The surreal landscape in Utah
The surreal landscape in Utah

No pun intended (okay well, pun intended) rock climbing helps you get high – literally. Apart from physically reaching up above sea level, it also gets your blood pumping by giving you an adrenaline rush.

2. Instant Gratification Without Any Routines

India's top climber Sandeep Kumar Maity hanging out in Hampi, Karnataka
India’s top climber Sandeep Kumar Maity hanging out in Hampi, Karnataka

As opposed to the gym which helps you shed 2 Kgs after 6 weeks of  ridiculously boring routine workouts, Rock Climbing offers instant gratification. With each session you’ll see and feel immediate changes – better performance, tighter muscles and a happy mind.

3. Carbs & Candy Are a Good Thing

Fuel up that Tank!
Fuel up that Tank!

An average calorie burn for a 70kg climber is about 650 calories per hour of climbing. To sustain themselves through long climbs and avoid hypoglycemia, climbers usually load up on carbs before their trips. This means potatoes, parathas and pasta are a good thing and its crucial to have that emergency candy bar within an arms reach.

4. Have Fun Achieving That Sexy Physique

Climbing Legend Chris Sharma and Dalia Ojeda pose nude for ESPN's 2013 body issue
Climbing Legend Chris Sharma and Dalia Ojeda pose nude for ESPN’s 2013 body issue

Rock Climbing is a physically demanding sport but at the same time it is sooo much fun! Most dedicated, regular climbers sport a lean body, ripped muscles and rock hard abs.  You’ll never meet a climber complaining about the number of reps in his workout – Healthy competition, regular travel and infinite possibilities are all part of the game.

5. You Will See Places That Don’t Exist in Travel Brochures

Howick Falls, South Africa
Howick Falls, South Africa

Exploring and discovering new climbs comes with this addiction.  Scenic climbing areas exist in almost every country and you’ll soon find yourself planning your holidays around the sport – Cappadocia, Andalucia, Chattru, Kalymnos, Guadalajara – the list is endless. The world is your playground.

6. Let’s Admit It, Selfies Shot Hanging at 600ft Are Wayyy Cooler!!

Climbing prodigy Sasha DiGiulian loves her selfies
Climbing prodigy Sasha DiGiulian loves her selfies

7. It’s a Social Sport

Delhi's newest climbing gym Delhi Rock
Delhi’s newest climbing gym Delhi Rock

Where there are climbers, there’s always a party. Climbing is an extremely inclusive and social activity. There is an unspoken bond among climbers (well most of them). At the end of a day of climbing most strangers usually part as good friends.

8. You Get to Lose All Inhibtions

The Fearless Alex Honnold climbs Fitz Traverse, Patagonia
The Fearless Alex Honnold climbs Fitz Traverse, Patagonia

Once you get into the sport, you forget all complexes and lose yourself in your climb. It doesn’t matter how you’re looking or who’s watching – All that matters to you is getting to the top of the rock.

9. Butt-Watching is A Safety Requirement

Spotters 'watch-out' for their climber
Spotters ‘watch-out’ for their climber

Most climbing happens in pairs, and the pre-requisite for your climbing partner is to stand below and ensure your safety by spotting or belaying you – which also involves constantly staring at your butt while you cruise up the rock. Thank god for Reason No.4!

10. The Rock Doesn’t Care Who You Are

The rock doesn't discriminate
The rock doesn’t discriminate

When you’re out climbing, wealth, beauty, age, success and power has no standing. At the rock everyone climbs together without discrimination. The only thing that holds value is your dedication and honesty towards the sport.

11. You Have The Best View of The World

Best Sunsets EVER!
Best Sunsets EVER!

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