5 Best Hangover Cures For The Party Season!

Devanshi Kapadia , 11 Nov 2014

Party season is descending upon us and it’s coming fast. Right up from Christmas, New Year’s, and throughout the wedding season, we’re probably going to be partying, brunching, and drinking. And even though we’re always keeping it classy, sometimes we end up having one too many glasses of bubbly and we end up with a sunglasses and Advil kind of morning. And while we do hangovers fabulously, it is never ever fun! And you really don’t want to be that person missing out on a party because you’re still hungover. So, if you’re going to be up all night playing drinking games, here are 5 hangover cures that seriously work.

1) H2O

Water: it’s that simple. Drink lots and lots of water. Alcohol dehydrates you in a major way and water will replenish your body. Chug that water like you were chugging beer the night before. (If you remember to do this when you’re drunk, drink a couple of  glasses of water before you pass out.)

2) Pain Killers

Avoid acetaminophen because it can be hard on your liver, especially with all havoc going on already thanks to the alcohol. Opt for an ibuprofen or or aspirin, but make sure you don’t make a habit out of this.

3) Carbs!


Eat carbs without too much grease or spice because it can help soak up some alcohol and rehydrate your body.

4) Hair Of The Dog


This isn’t the best idea if you’re going to go overboard again, but try maybe on beer or one glass of wine and then still remember to replenish your body with a lot of water. And do try not to have more than one, you’ll only feel worse the next day.

5) Milk & Potato

Replenish the calcium and potassium in your body because alcohol definitely strips your body of these essential nutrients. And by potato, I don’t mean fries, guys!

Once you’re feeling better, definitely try working out to bring up your mood, but carry water with you! We don’t want you to dehydrate yourself any further.

Follow a few or maybe all 5 steps and you’ll be feeling like this again: party ready!

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