Karan Thakker
Karan Thakker

So we caught up with Karan Tacker and got some inside scoop on everything this hunk has to say about fitness! We love that Karan is so passionate about keeping fit and really admire how dedicated he is with what he does. Need some fitness inspo to get you going? See what Karan has to say!

1) What’s one fitness regime you swear by?

My fitness ideology is simple. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. It’s not about the 6 pack abs fad, I think that’s overrated… it’s about feeling agile, upbeat, fresh and light on your feet. I hit the gym at least 5 times a week, with a combination of old school weight training, some cardio and a lot of stretching.

2) What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I have around one litre of water in the morning! When u wake up, your body is naturally dehydrated… so the first thing to do is get some liquid into yourself. After drinking water I have my tea and breakfast.

3) What is one junk food you love, but would give up?

Samosas. I LOVE samosas and I love chocolates. I can go to despicable extents for chocolates! But I kind of gave them both up.

4) If we were to come to your house, what would be one healthy meal you would make us?

It would have to be pan fried fish, tossed broccoli and some brown rice followed by some green tea. But if anyone comes to my house, generally, they will always get Punjabi food, made in a healthier fashion. We restrict the use of salt and oil, plus theres always one source of carbs, one protein source, and some green veggies.

5) Do you prefer to train at the gym or do you take part in other physical activities?

I love the gym – there’s no question about that, but I also really enjoy dancing! I was dancing for 10 hours every day at one point and have never been in better shape… so I believe fitness needs to be enjoyed! For example, if you don’t enjoy weights, there are plenty of options, like dance, martial arts, kick boxing, running, swimming etc. But yes, always find an activity that accelerates your heart rate for over 20 minutes!

6) What was the last healthy thing you did?

I kept myself happy! I intentionally do happy things… happiness brings success, but success doesn’t necessarily bring happiness.

7) Who is your biggest fitness inspiration?

I think Hrithik Roshan is a rockstar! He’s always in tremendous shape and despite all the injuries he’s been through, he always manages to bounce back!

8) Yoga or Pilates?

Definitely yoga. I think people are ignorant towards the benefits of yoga. Something as basic as breathing can bring so many benefits to good living and yoga brings a lot of emotional benefits. In fact it has been scientifically proven that every movement in yoga releases an emotion chemical in the body.

9) Jogging or Weights?

A combination of both. If you’re running, avoid concrete streets. They damage your knees. Also make sure you invest in good footwear.

10) What does your workout routine consist of?

I have a simple routine which is more old school training. I make sure that I take a day off after every  two days of weight training. On my rest day I eat good food , indulge in some form of cardio which consists of running or cycling. I keep my workouts short and intense, so up to forty five minutes to an 1 hour.

11) What message would you give to young, aspiring fitness fanatics?

Fitness is beyond just Aesthetics. It is truly about being healthy and having a healthy balanced mind! The big chest and biceps fad is passé. Eat real food and not just supplements – your body will love you for that.

As Karan says, the key is happiness! And if you look good, we guarantee you’ll feel good!