Jaqueline Fernandez
Jaqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is absolutely stunning – she’s got a great body, great skin and great hair. So obviously, we want to know what she’s doing… if only so that we can pick up some tips for ourselves and look as radiant as she does all the time. And here’s the best part: Jacqueline has, through the months, posted various tips on her Instagram profile when sharing her meal and workout pictures. We’ve gone through her entire account and picked out all of those tips, so if you’re trying to be healthier – or just want in on some celebrity beauty tricks – then here’s all the information you need!

1) Go vegan

I know, I know. I’ll say off the bat that I can’t go vegan – the idea of being vegetarian is hard itself. But many, many people swear by a vegan diet, so there might be some truth here. It’s worth exploring at least eating more plant-based foods instead of defaulting to meat and dairy all the time.

2) Get your dinner in early

We’ve all heard it: you’re apparently not supposed to eat after a certain time at night. I’m still on the fence about this (many people say it doesn’t matter), but Jacqueline’s nutritionist suggests it, so you might find it worthy while implementing it!

3) Eat alkaline foods

You’ll help your body maintain its natural pH balance if you pick foods – like fruits, vegetables, seeds etc – that are alkaline. Eating too much acidic food can make you tired and more susceptible to diseases.

4) Pilates

Jacqueline seems to do a combination of different types of workouts, but from what we’ve seen, she’s very much into Pilates. Pilates is great to improve flexibility, muscle strength and tone – so you may find it worth your while to include it in your fitness program too.

5) Yoga

Good for mental health, good for physical health – definitely worth trying out!

6) Wheatgrass shots

Two ounces of wheatgrass juice contains the nutritional equivalent of 5 pounds of raw, organic vegetables. Enough said.

7) Cleanse

You’ll want to do research to see if a cleanse is actually the right option for you, though!

8) Find your super foods

Jacqueline’s favourite ingredients are almond milk, olive oil and coconut, and she makes sure to include one in each meal. She’s found what works best for her hair and skin – you should, too!

9) Eat breakfast!

It’s the yummiest meal of the day, in my opinion. No need to overload on food (yes, breakfast is an important meal; but eating too much can make you feel sluggish), but make sure you do eat something.

10) Load up on oats

And if you’re looking for good breakfast food, oats is an option to explore. Jacqueline says they’re anti-aging and cholesterol-fighting. Just try to avoid the super sugary kinds and instead add natural sweeteners like fruit.

11) Drink up!

Smoothies and juices are a great way to get all your nutrients, especially if you don’t particularly like eating fruits and vegetables. Look online for a bunch of yummy, healthy recipes – just make sure they’re not loaded on sugar.

12) Drink your morning green juice

This recipe from Jacqueline sounds epic. It’s probably not the tastiest thing on the planet, but it’s not too bad – the lemon and ginger help cut through the flavours of other vegetables. You can also try adding a bit of apple to the juice to make it more palatable.

13) Invest in a dehydrator

If you love chips, consider a dehydrator – you can throw veggies in there and have them come out crispy and yummy. No, they won’t be the same as fried potato chips… but they will be healthier and more nutrient-rich.

14) Stay hydrated

If you’re one of those people who don’t like water, consider ‘sprucing’ it up by adding mint, cucumber, squeezed lemon or even some fruit. Even if you drink water regularly, adding a little something to it once in a while can make for a refreshing, hydrating treat. Psst! Jacqueline also uses an app to remind her to drink water, so if you often forget to hydrate, try downloading one.

15) Snack right

We often plan our breakfast, lunch and dinner out in a healthy fashion – but where many of us seem to lose it is in-between snacking! So instead, pre-plan some yummy, healthy treats for your snacks.

16) Add flax seeds to your diet

Jacqueline says it’s great for her hair. And the best part is you can throw it in almost any food that you’re already eating.

17) Include apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a TON of benefits – it’s great for your health and supposed to be good for your skin and hair too.

18) Eat homemade!

Probably one of the most important tips! If you’re eating at home, you’re likely eating healthier. You’ve got full control of what goes into your food, and if you track your intake (for calories and other nutrients), you’ll be able to do that in a more accurate way.

Which of these tips are you planning on putting into action right away? I’m thinking I might finally start incorporating apple cider vinegar into my morning routine!