Whoa! Mahira Khan Has The Most Kick-Ass Response To Her Shiv Sena Ban! #Meow

Aayushi Bhargava , 03 Nov 2015
Mahira Khan
Mahira Khan | Source: Twitter @themahirakhan

Remember how Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan were banned by Shiv Sena from entering the state of Maharashtra? Well, you better because it seems like something that might turn into an EPIC saga.

Mahira is here with a rather catty comeback. The actress recently attended a Halloween party in Lahore as Catwoman but what caught everyone’s attention was her director friend, Asim Raza. The guy was dressed in a Shiv Sena outfit and she was totally posing for pictures with him! WHOA!

Mahira Khan and Asim Raza (Source: Twitter)
Mahira Khan and Asim Raza (Source: Twitter)

He is carrying a poster that says,

Mahira ko bahar nikalo! (Throw Mahira out!)

Ahem! That’s actually hilarious. Damn, this Catwoman bites! Do we foresee a Shiv Sena retaliation?

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