August 30, 2016 is a day to mark on your calendars, girls coz Pat McGrath, international makeup artist and Creative Design Director of P&G Beauty is launching her first-ever lip kit. And it is beyond beautiful! They are going to be available in 3 colours – Flesh, Vermillion Venom and Bloodwine and the “everything” kit comes with two matte lipsticks, a gold pigment, a vinyl gloss and a glitter pot. Can you imagine how much fun you could have with glitter lips? Though we’re going to have to try it ourselves to see how practical it really is. Coz you’re definitely not going to be able to bite into a burger with those lips, right? But we’ll only know once we try it. All we know right now is that the sparkle is giving us fairytale-princess kinda feels, and we love it.

Can’t wait to get our hands on these babies and try them all.

P.S: #Pat’sProTip that you can keep handy is that you can get rid of excess glitter with the help of scotch tape.