I don’t know how do all the super models look so god damn hot even when they are not on the red carpet or the runway. Yes, we’re the kinds who drool on their off-duty style way more than a well conceptualized runway show. From Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Balwin… all of them really give us some outfit goals when they’re just – chilling! Check out some tips we thought we should put together so you can mimic their off-duty style as easily as it looks.

1. White ganji and denims are the coolest combo – even Gigi Hadid seems to swear by it!

2. Flaunt that statement bag you’ve put all your salary in! Kendall probably got it for free because oh well, she’s Kendall.

3. Make a mess in your cute dungaree’s like Emily Ratajkowski – you’d probably get away with it!

4. Flaunt your drawbacks like Kendall Jenner does!

5. Never underestimate the power of statement sunnies like Hailey Baldwin’s.

6. Wear an XL trench coat over anything and make a chic statement like Gigi Hadid.

7. Or any jacket in XL like Emily Ratajkowski!

8. You can even max out your layering game like Emily!

So that’s how our super models do it! Simple and subtle is the way to rock it all.

Tell us which style tip do you always follow from the list above?