Rahul Dev

Rahul Dev was one of the few contestants on Bigg Boss 10 that managed to keep his temper in check and stay calm under even the most extreme of circumstances. It’s probably why the show’s host Salman Khan – who had previously worked with him – became even more fond of him. Khan was disappointed when Dev was evicted and promised him on camera that the two would work together again.

We don’t know when that might happen but it looks like Bhai has already taken a step forward. He put in a word for Rahul to the makers of Mubarakan, and that has now landed him a nice, meaty role post his stint in the Bigg Boss house. Here’s what he said to Indian Express.

God has been kind. I was sceptical about doing Bigg Boss but it was good, the show’s host supported me, he said on national TV that we should work together in the future. I have got Mubarakan, after he put in a word about me to the makers. I will soon be off to London to shoot for the film. It is a beautiful role. Also, I am doing my first fiction show. So, things are looking up for me. I am very excited.

P.S – Rahul has also bagged a new TV show. So, we will be seeing a lot more of this dishy actor and we’re not complaining! 😉