"I Made A Conscious Decision That I Would Not Be My Dad's Shadow" - Sonam Kapoor

Divya Rao , 14 Mar 2017
Sonam Kapoor with father Anil Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, who is known for her fabulous fashion choices and red carpet appearances, has also had quite the innings the box office recently. She won hearts and critical acclaim with her hit film from last year, Neerja, and boy, did she make us all cry! She is one of the few actresses out there who always speaks her mind – whether people appreciate it or whether that gets her into trouble – it has never stopped her from speaking up.

Nepotism in Bollywood is something that has always been talked about given the amount of star kids and relatives we have ruling the roost in B-Town. It came more to light when Kangana Ranaut blatantly accused Karan Johar of nepotism on Koffee With Karan.

In an interview with TOI, Sonam spoke about how she always wanted to be her own person and not rely on her father’s laurels.

I am stubborn and headstrong and I’ve made a conscious decision very long ago that I would not be my dad’s shadow. Not much grows under a banyan tree. If you are lucky enough like me to have a parent who can give you the time and space to grow, who doesn’t mollycoddle you and who can respect your ability to make your own decisions, you will have all you ever need to strive for what you want most.

She also added that she’s proud of her heritage.

The fact that my brother looks like my dad does not always work to his advantage. Undue expectations and to a certain extent, stereotypes are leveled at him and that’s not an easy position to be in. I too have seen my fair share of comparisons, not just with my family, but with other actresses as well. People always made it a point to tell me that I was born with a silver spoon. I corrected them: it’s golden. And I am proud of it.

Good on you, Sonam!

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