Twinkle Khanna Opens Up About Facing Sexual Harassment At Work

Sukriti Gumber , 20 Mar 2017
Twinkle Khanna
Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs. Funnybones has never shied away from unabashedly giving her opinion – and that’s one of the many things we love about her. The woman never holds back on her opinion, and often says it with a tablespoon of humour!

Now in her recent article in TOI, Twinkle revealed that she faced sexual harassment at her workplace even though she is a celebrity and khiladi Akshay Kumar‘s wife. She wrote:

A few years ago, a message on my phone reduced me to tears in the car. I had reached the breaking point after months of suggestive messages from a wealthy, powerful client that I had been pretending not to understand because all I wanted to do was to complete the project in a professional manner. And so I ended up as a statistic — the 38% of women who faced sexual harassment at work, according to a survey done by the Indian National Bar association. I am a fairly assertive woman, and married to a man who onscreen punches holes in walls with his bare fists and yet I haven’t been spared, so I shudder to think about what happens to the vast majority of working women.

Twinkle did not miss the recent controversy surrounding TVF‘s CEO, Arunabh Kumar and referring to his comments, said:

‘Sexy’ is an acceptable compliment within a work environment only if she is a stripper and you are her pimp trying to boost her confidence before she takes the stage.

This was in reference to Arunabh’s statement, saying:

I am a heterosexual single man and when I find a woman sexy, I tell her she is sexy. I compliment women, is that wrong?

You are an inspiration, Twinkle! Never cease to be!

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