Although we love the various colour crazes that are going around, we acknowledge that they aren’t always work-friendly. Just when we had resigned ourselves to the fact that we may never be able to dye our locks in unusual hues, a new trend swooped in to save the day.

Referred to as rainbow roots, this fad is surprisingly subtle. Rather going all out with an array of bright hues, the dye is restricted only to the roots. What makes this trend special is the fact that the top layers of your hair remain untouched. This means that your tresses look like themselves if left loose. However, when you run your fingers through them, a beautiful range of colours can be seen! Check out a few examples of this trend in action:

1. The Original

We can thank this Melbourne Salon for kicking off the trend. The video below shows the peek-a-boo rainbow effect perfectly!

2. Rooted Out

Here’s proof of how awesome your roots will look. Perfect for summer, right?

3. Pastel Tones

If bold colours aren’t up your alley, try the same trend out with softer shades.

4. Short And Sassy

Who said that you can’t experiment with shorter hair? This rainbow pixie is the definition of fierce.

5. Braids & Buns

Crown braids, top knots, space buns… there are a ton of easy hairstyles to show off your multicoloured strands.

With its hidden surprise and stunning effect, rainbow roots are both magical and practical! If you would like to try them out, you can contact Happy In The Head ( +91 22 6562 2325).