Instagram Loves This New Lip Trend

Jyotika Udeshi , 23 May 2017

Lately, makeup trends have been quite imaginative and otherworldly. So, we were surprised to see that the latest lip fad is all about minimalism. Essentially, it requires you to outline your lips in any colour, whilst keeping the rest of your pout nude or natural. Here are a few examples to inspire you.

1. The Original

Black liner and nude lips? So fierce. Use a makeup remover or concealer to keep the outline crisp and clean.

2. Metallic And Magical

We love the shimmery, mermaid-like colours involved in this picture. Whilst gloss is usually optional for this trend, feel free to add a coat to enhance your lips.

3. Neon Lines

Neon makeup is officially a thing. To get this effect, use a combination of white liner and a pigmented eye shadow.

4. Work Of Art

If precise outlines are too difficult, turn your lips into a piece of art. Doodle away with a liquid lipstick or bright liner to imitate this fresh look.

5. Barbed Lips

Remember barbed wire brows? Well, it turns out that the craze has extended to lips as well!

Will you be trying this trend out? Comment and let us know.

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