Tejasswi Prakash Opens Up About The Negative Reaction To Her New Show

Sukriti Gumber , 10 Jul 2017
Tejasswi Prakash

Hindi television’s latest offering – Pehredaar Piya Ki – starring Tejaswi Prakash received a lot of flak ever since the promos were out. The protagonist, a fully grown young woman is married to a 10-year old boy, which is obviously strange and unusual.

Clearing all the bad air surrounding her show, Tejasswi said that contrary to what viewers have grasped from the promos, the show doesn’t promote child marriage. She told IndiaForums:

Ethically and with sensitivity, I understand why people are feeling this as, of course, it’s wrong to get a 10 year old kid married to an 18 year old girl.  But, in the show, we are not officially or legally married. As everybody knows, we CANNOT go to a court and get married literally. It’s just the tradition and a practice that the backdrop in the show follows, where the kid and the girl marry each other by doing the pheras. The characters, Diya and Ratan have infact not even understood that why has this marital union happened. We (as characters) don’t even know, what two people are supposed to do in a marriage. So, I assure one and all that this cannot come out WRONG as we think of each other as best of friends.

There, you heard it!

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