Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu

Nepotism has been a strongly debated topic for the last couple of weeks and has even gotten celebrities like Saif Ali Khan, Karan Johar and Varun Dhawan in some not-so-pleasant controversies. While a lot of the star kids shy away from the topic and don’t fully acknowledge its existence, Ranbir Kapoor went to say that he is at the end of the day, a product of nepotism.

Not too long ago, Taapsee Pannu tweeted about nepotism.

While a lot of people misunderstood her, she clarified in a recent interview with Hindustan Times that it was her way of understanding that nepotism exists and she’ll find a way to deal with it.

For me, it was more like I had realised that nepotism exists very strongly, and it’s one of the rules of the industry. It was to say that I’m not going to revolt against it but will work around it, and it has become a rule of the game for me, too. I meant that now I’d have to take it as a given and try not to get shocked about it or try to pretend that it doesn’t exist.She also went on to talk about Kangana’s stance on the matter.

It’s not that people were oblivious to its existence. It’s just that someone eventually spoke about [nepotism] and everyone joined the debate. Among those were many who had been holding back for a long time and wanted to vent. We’re glad she hasn’t shied away from speaking her mind. What are your thoughts?