A lot of Bollywood celebs have given their take on the raging debate on nepotism in the film industry. Ever since Kangana Ranaut accused Karan Johar for being the flag bearer of nepotism, a lot of them chose to give their opinion, while others chose to remain mum.

The debate caught fire when KJo, Saif Ali Khan & Varun Dhawan took a further dig at Kangana during the IIFA. What followed was a string of apologies and 2 rather long open letters exchanged between Saif & Kangana.


Shah Rukh Khan, however, had said nothing about it until now. As per a report in IndiaForums, SRK said he didn’t understand the term nepotism. He said:

I don’t understand this (nepotism). How can I understand it? I am a Delhi boy, who went to Mumbai at the age of 25. There everybody loved me and accepted me. So, I don’t understand this talk. I want my kids to make a name for themselves on their own feet. If they want to become marine biologist, then she should become that. If they want to become an actor or a filmmaker, then that’s also great. I don’t understand this discussion. When I hear the word ‘nepotism’, I feel the other person is talking about Napoleon. Even though I know enough English, still I don’t understand it and the discussion. Whether I agree or disagree — I don’t even understand it so how can I have an opinion?

Fair enough, Shah Rukh!