Ross and Rachel are one of the most iconic couples in television history. The fact that some couples are called each other’s ‘lobsters‘ is because Ross and Rachel’s coupling made that a huge part in pop culture. Everyone believed (believes actually), that they were always meant to be, so much so, that when Rachel and Joey got together, the makers of FRIENDS had to deal with a lot of hate.

Source: Tumblr | Joey Tribbiani
Source: Tumblr | Joey Tribbiani

To be honest, even during my multiple re-runs of the series, I get a little uncomfortable watching Joey and Rachel make out. Ross + Rachel is completely ingrained in the heads of every FRIENDS fan.
But, recently, my mind was blown and my eyes were opened because of a Twitter thread by @kaneandgriffin. She completely demolished Ross and Rachel as a couple and every point she presented made absolute sense!


Her reasons as to why Joey was the better partner to Rachel is so spot on that I can’t believe I looked through it during the innumerable times I’ve watched this show.

Let’s begin –

On the genuineness of Joey’s feelings –

On Rachel’s career –

On Rachel and Ross exhausting each other –

And finally –

Read the entire thread here, she has made many more points that might convince you, if these ones didn’t.

I view everything differently now.


In conclusion though, I just have to say this –

Monica and Chandler > any other couple in FRIENDS.

Monica and Chandler