Mira Kapoor

Mira Kapoor is slowly turning into a fashionista. The paps love to click to this young mommy everywhere she goes – the gym or at lunches with her friends. Mira used to shy away from them before but it looks like she’s become a lot more comfortable with all the attention that’s coming her way. Shahid Kapoor and Mira took off to London for their first holiday with their little one Misha a couple of days ago and the couple was naturally ecstatic. We’re sure all the ‘firsts’ with your child will always be special – even when it’s a holiday.

Shahid, being the doting dad that he is – took to Instagram to share the CUTEST photo of him playing with Misha at a park, and it made us all go awwww!

How cute, right? Now another photo of Mira chilling in the backyard of a house in London has surfaced on the Internet and she looks so relaxed. No, really. See for yourself.

That’s what holidays are meant for, aren’t they? Here are more photos from their trip.

Haha. He’s a baller indeed! Also, have you seen this adorbs selfie of Shahid and Mira?

If you ever wondered what’s on Mira’s phone and who she texts and calls, we’ve got you covered. We got her to give us the lowdown when she visited our office.