Remember the strange show Pehredaar Piya Ki? Which portrayed an adult women marrying a 9 year-old kid in Rajasthan because he needed a bodyguard? I’ve had lots of thoughts about it, and so have many people, who petitioned for banning the show. Due to the outrage, the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) made the channel and the makers of the serial shift the show timing from prime time to a late slot due to its controversial content. But now, it looks like Sony TV has decided to pull the plug on the show, as a new episode didn’t air last night.

As per a report on Hindustan Times, the cast and crew were not informed about this sudden development. The makers and the actors had made peace with the time shift and also decided to show a time leap, but that’s not happening now. When asked about this news, Suyyash Rai, who stars in the show, said that he’s shock –

If this is happening, then I am shocked. I was waiting to re-enter the show after the leap. Tejaswi is a close friend so I wanted to be a support to her and work with her. I wanted the show to do well as a lot of hard work goes into a show when it is launched. So many people including technicians will lose their jobs when the show shuts.

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