Ajay Devgan Speaks Up About Star Kids Being Chased By The Media

Sukriti Gumber , 30 Aug 2017
Ajay Devgan and Nysa Devgan

A few weeks ago, Saif Ali Khan expressed his views on how the media has a huge role to play in encouraging nepotism by building hype around star kids. He rightly said that it’s the media that chases the kids, talks about them and makes them popular. A producer definitely won’t let go of the chance to encash on that popularity by casting them in a film – thereby practising nepotism. Shah Rukh Khan also voiced his opinion about the same when Suhana Khan was cornered by the paparazzi at the screening of Tubelight.

Most recently, Kajol was also upset about the media chasing their young ones. She felt that the kids should not suffer through all this because they did not choose that life, unlike their parents. Now her husband Ajay Devgan agreed with her view and told HT Cafe:

I really request that kids should be left alone. A lot of times when they go out, they feel the pressure (of paparazzi). They are just 13, 14 or 15 years old, and don’t understand a lot of things. Though I must say, they are too smart to gauge all of it and do understand a lot of things, but somewhere I feel a line must be drawn. They must be left alone since they are kids.

Your thoughts?!

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