Kangana Ranaut‘s range of interviews have had her spill many beans on her legal battle with Hrithik Roshan, her nepotism beef with Karan Johar and her allegedly abusive relationship with Aditya Pancholi. While every celebrity is now being asked to for their opinion on this matter, someone who has decided to butt in is, unsurprisingly, KRK or Kamaal R Khan or that dude in that film (Deshdrohi), whatever you want to call him.

Known to keep his relevancy going by tweeting strange things, the actor (?) took to the social media site to diss Kangana’s upcoming movie Simran and the revelations she made, primarily on Aap Ki Adalat –

Kangana’s sister Rangoli, who is a bit of a spokesperson for the actress on social media, took to Twitter to call KRK out on his tweets. She also said he looks like a crow, it’s all quite funny if you think about it –

Of course, he tweeted back, by bringing up the horrifying acid attack on her because if nothing else, he’s known to be quite the charmer  –

And she countered –

Ooh Burn
Source: Giphy.com