Kangana Ranaur, Rangoli
Kangana Ranaut, Rangoli

Kangana Ranaut came forth and spoke about her abusive relationship with Aditya Pancholi a couple of days ago and revealed a lot of disturbing details. She had in the past spoken about an abusive ex who used to beat her black and blue but didn’t mention his name until a recent interview with Barkha Dutt. This shocked everyone, and there has been a lot said about the matter. Pancholi’s wife and son supported him on the matter, while he came out and called her ‘mad‘.

In a recent interview with SpotboyE.com, Pancholi hit back at Kangana saying she herself is a product of nepotism. Here’s an excerpt.

Yeh nepotism ki baat karti hai, she has no right to speak about nepotism because she also got into the film industry through nepotism. If I was not there, who would have sent her to Mahesh Bhatt for one? Agar main uska photo shoot nahi karvata Jatin Kampani se, toh yeh photo shoot kar sakti thi kya? (If I wouldn’t arrange a photoshoot by Jatin Kampani for her, then would she able to create her portfolio?) Did she ever stand in a kilometer long line for an audition? Ask her if she ever gave an audition in her life? If yes, to whom?

Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel then took to Twitter to slam him for his comments and allegations.

This is getting murkier by the day. Thoughts?