Whoa! An Indian Man Crowned Himself The King Of An Unclaimed Land

Shreemi Verma
Suyash Dixit
Suyash Dixit

Strange things happen in the world on a regular basis, but sometimes, some people take things to the next level. Suyash Dixit, an avid fan of Game of Thrones is one such person. Suyash decided to travel to a land far, far away which remains unclaimed by any country till this date. This magical land (it’s really not magical, just has a lot of sand) is called Bir Tawil and it’s situated between the South of Egypt and the North of Sudan. This is a 800 sq.miles stretch of land that belongs to no country. The only place on earth where humans can live and survive without being part of any state/country.

Here’s more information on Bir Tawil –

In a Facebook post, Suyash described in great detail how he landed at Bir Tawil and became the King of the land. This is not a joke.

He has made a website for interested people to gain citizenship and apply for positions in the King’s council. He is currently the Prime Minister, while his father has been named President. And we blame Bollywood for nepotism.

In case you’re inspired to become a legit King or Queen, there’s a WikiHow article on how to do it too. Bir Tawil is mentioned there and apparently, it has been claimed by another person called Jeremiah Heaton, but with Suyash planting a seed and hoisting a flag there, I’m sure this land belongs to him now.

Best of luck Suyash, long may you reign!

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