Photos: When Varun Dhawan Took Pole Fitness Classes From Jacqueline Fernandez

Divya Rao , 22 Nov 2017

Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez are two of the fittest people we have in Bollywood right now. Have you seen Varun’s abs? He’s known to be extremely dedicated to his workouts and often posts photos of himself from the gym. And if you’ve seen Jacqueline, you’ll know that the woman works out and how! She has the most toned calves I’ve ever seen and honestly, that makes me a tad bit jealous hehe.

More on that later. Imagine what happens when two of the fittest people come together? Well, they of course exchange fitness tips and tricks! Jacqueline started taking pole fitness classes for her last film A Gentleman, where she had to do a little pole dance for one of her songs. And as you all know, a pole workout is extremely difficult but is a great way to workout one’s core.

She got Varun to try it out and the actor looks like he picked up pretty fast.


Pretty cool, eh?

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