Remember the bedazzling days of your teenage years, where the motto was to sparkle on? So, 2017 was a throwback to it but an adult version with the glitter trend. Shimmer entered the scene in many different forms and tbh some of them were quite bizarre. Here’s the list how glitter made its presence in the year of 2017:

1. YSL Boots

2. Glitter Makeup

3. Glitter Mask

4. Glitter Mehendi

5. IGK Preparty Hairspray

6. Glitter Roots

7. Glitter Clothes

8. Glitter Boobs

9. Glitter Armpits

10. Glitter Vagina

11. Glitter Stretchmarks

12. Glitter Coffee

Woah! That’s a whole lot of glitter for a year, don’t you think? Which glitter trend will you dare to try before this year ends?

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