The Supreme Court, yesterday, lifted the ban imposedon Padmaavat in Rajasthan, MP, Haryana & Gujarat. The states had ruled against releasing the film due to the threats & unrest caused by the Karni Sena. However, despite the ruling, many cinema halls in Bihar are not willing to screen the film for security reasons.

The members of religious gang vandalised a single-screen theatre today in Muzzafarpur, pelted stones and also tore the film’s posters. Barring one multiplex in Patna, none of the theatres are planning to screen Padmaavat, which is quite upsetting. It doesn’t stop here. The Karni Sena chief called for a Janata Curfew and asked the public to not watch the film.

He told reporters in Ujjain:

I don’t wish to call for a bandh protesting the movie’s release on January 25 or on January 26 (Republic Day). I ask people to enforce a Janata Curfew. People should desist from watching the movie.He also plans to meet the PM to implement the ban on Padmaavat. It’s sad to see a religious group go to such lengths just for a film. Is this really our priority? Have all other pressing matters in this country – hunger, poverty, education, women’s safety –  been settled?! And is attacking innocent people & students really the way to go about it?